Michael Panken

Sober Story - Michael Panken

Alcohol itself was standing in the way of myself, and saving my marriage
November 8, 2016
~$10 per day

As for my story - you know I got sober as a result of rage due to results of 2016 election - in general I was, yes unhappy and my emotions were out of control, but election put me over the top and at first was only planning to stop drinking for a little while, or until I could understand my emotions and get them in check- it wasn’t until 4 months at least, that I realized:

  1. I am an Alcoholic
  2. Alcohol itself was standing in the way of me getting truly honest with myself.
  3. The agony of facing myself, saving my marriage, or rather improving my marriage, was worth all the pain I would have to face. Now it’s two years in.

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