Leslie Miller

Sober Story - Leslie Miller

I'm building myself back up; taking it one day and one hour at a time; one amends at a time.
Alcohol, cocaine, amphetamines
August 29th, 2018
~$15 per day

My name is Leslie Miller Born in Greenville Ohio. I’ve been clean from Meth for 61 days today! (SB; August 29, 2018) The big win was being able to start over on life again.

Struggles- Having to deal with loss and grief while being sober, so you feel literally everything. My parents split up when I was 3 1/2. Went with my mom who was addicted to drugs. Then she went to prison and I moved to my Dads and lived with him till I was 18. I was a great student but got bullied a lot due to the way I talk. I have a speech impediment and can’t say my “r’s” well. Flag and dance team as well my senior year. I used to work full-time, had my own place, my own car, everything. Then lost it due to drinking.

My last drink was a little like this; It started at my dad’s house with a couple shots while getting ready to go out. I went out with a couple friends and it ended at 2 in the morning with a sheriff pulling up behind us and I got charged with a underage consumption. After that I had to move back home. I was home for about a week before moving out if my dads and saw myself moving in to a trap house and started using drugs (meth).

My run was 5 months. I went from couch to couch (if I slept) day after day; lost all of my friends and family; went homeless; just became someone I didn’t even know anymore. Then went to rehab in August and that’s where I’m at now and plan on being for a while.

I’m working the steps with my sponsor, I’m going to meetings everyday, I’m building myself back up; taking it one day and one hour at a time; one amends at a time. Take it day by day. One second at a time.

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