Grant Guenette

Sober Story - Grant Guenette

Take the good and the bad each day and learn to live without alcohol. It’s a cliché, but just saying NO was all I had to do
September 3, 2018
~$10 per day

Hi there, So where do I begin. Growing up, my mom and the rest of her side of the family were drinkers. Not heavily, but from what I remembered, always had paralyzers, Caesar’s, rum and cokes, vodka 7-up and of course beer while playing cards and games. It was the normal thing to see. Every time family got together it was drinks drinks drinks.

At 16, I started going to house parties and joining everyone in swigging out of the bottle that was going around but always being somewhat responsible…getting rides to and from the party, that sort of thing.

Then, since my mom was always working in the bar industry as well as my step dad, to me it was the coolest job. You get to work with other fun people and fun customers and the tips sounded great too. So one day right before my 18th bday I began the journey into the bar scene. The first night was awesome. Worked 8pm until 3am. Made $60 in wage and another $60 in tips. At 17 years old and I just made $120 for 7 hours was a massive deal to me.

I was in university at the time and not doing very well, I dropped out of university and was now working 5 days per week at two bars. So from 18 to 24 years old I worked at this same two bars in the same hotel and those 6.5 years, it was party central. 4 years ago I met the love of my life and my drinking since we met has been less and less.

But as of the last three months I’ve been completely sober. I’m moving forward, sometimes you just gotta grow up and look to see a brighter, healthier future. My fiancé (as of 3 weeks ago), and I have a wayyyy stronger relationship, my bank account is $800 larger, I feel physically better, no hangovers, and my fiancé says I’m still funny without having the party juice inside me. Lol. Take the good and the bad each day and learn to live without alcohol. It’s a cliché, but just saying NO was all I had to do.

Thanks for letting me share my story. Hopefully this can help at least one person get on the right track.

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