Cody Falls

Sober Story - Cody Falls

I am sober from cocaine and alcohol for 75 days and life is awesome.
Alcohol and cocaine
September 18, 2018
~$15 per day

My name is Cody From Toronto, Canada.

I am clean and sober from cocaine and alcohol for 75 days and life is awesome. I used cocaine for 5 years daily for 2 and alcohol was a huge trigger. I have saved almost 4 grand in total since I quit. I deal with daily struggles all the time its never easy but staying strong is a better feeling than coke can give me. I feel so good now but im still learning to live the sober life. My tips for others is teach yourself to hate the drug and what it does for you. Reach out to support and own up to your mistakes and make amends with your loved ones.

Personal growth is the best feeling. I also strongly recommend having daily routines and setting goals for the future and an action plan to achieve them. Take time to yourself to meditate and to find inner peace. I havent reached out to meetings yet it is hard because of my job so this is what has helped me best.

Count Your Days Clean From Alcohol and cocaine

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