Annalyse Goff

Sober Story - Annalyse Goff

Just stay sober and take things day by day and give it up to God
April 17, 2018
~$5 per day

My name is Annalyse Goff I am from Salisbury, Maryland.

I have been sober from Marijuana for 7 months, December 17 will be 8. The struggles for me was I felt as if I couldn’t function without it and I would show up to school high. My tips for others would be just stay sober and take things day by day and give it up to God.

I was spending at the least $5.00 a day. My old habits are why I stopped going to school because id get in the habit of being lazy. Now I’m currently in GED classes and then after I get my diploma im going into law enforcement. My mentor is also the reason I quit, I want to make him proud and I want him to see me do better than what he has ever seen from me.

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