How many days sober are you?

I Am Sober is an ad-free motivational companion app for tracking your sobriety.

    Sobriety tracker showing how long you've been sober from your addictionDay Counter for your addictionsSober CalendarSobriety CalculatorSober MilestonesDaily Motivation
  • Sobriety Summary

    Get an overview of your sobriety milestones and savings.

  • Day Counter

    Each habit can have its own start date so you can see the progress you've made for each one.

  • Sobriety Clock

    Track how long you've been sober down to the seconds or just see the total number of days.

  • Sobriety Calculator

    Track how much money you save by not spending on your habit.

  • Share Your Journey

    Add a memorable photo that you can save and share for each milestone, like 7 days or 1 month.

  • Daily Notifications

    Reinforce your journey with daily notifications to keep you focused on the path to recovery.

Make every day count!